The life you seek can be a reality. But what is first required is to step out of your nest of comfort and jump right into the unknown, headfirst.


We moved out to Hollywood after graduating college in 2010. We had dreams of becoming famous actors and writers in the City of Angels. There wasn’t a show we didn’t work on. Life was exciting!

Our experiences ranged from television shows, films, commercials, theater; you name it. Yet after several years of “living the dream,” something was still lacking. We thought that acting was what we wanted to do with our lives, but didn’t enjoy rarely seeing each other. We spent 16+ hours on set and would often get home at different times. Then, above everything else, we got tired of waiting around for someone to give us our big break…

So, we bought a camera and made our own material…short films, videos, educational content for clients overseas. It was exciting again! After finding that our true passion was being BEHIND the camera, and having more creative control of our product, we felt complete.

Later in 2016, we found out we were pregnant, and had our daughter in November of that year. Los angeles was really cool and fun, but, was not a place we wanted to raise our child and build a family. So, we moved back to Texas. Today, we own our own Production Company in Houston, Texas.

Albi is the brains behind the camera and editing, and Vanessa runs the business side of the company. It feels great to work together on different projects and bring our wealth of knowledge from LA, to our business.

Although we mainly focus on commercial and branding videos, we also film weddings. We have been in a relationship since we were 14, so we love to see other love stories. We enjoy helping others tell their love story because what the world needs more of right now is LOVE. It feels good to be in the energy of a wedding couple’s big day!

There are so many stories that need to be told. So many love stories that need to be filmed. And so many businesses that need to expand their word. Everyone needs a great storyteller!